1. How far do you dudes scoot?
It varies by city, but typically we stick to a 2 mile radius.

2. How many people can you scoot at once?
You plus five of your friends with plenty of legroom.

3. Can we book Scooter Dudes if we have a party of more than 6? 
Yes, but only 6 can ride at a time

4. How much does a ride in a luxurious scooter set me back?
$5 per person, per ride. Not bad compared to driving, parking, walking, or waiting for a cab!
(Special Events pricing is $10/person. Please inquire for more info)

5. Can we schedule a pick-up?
Anytime! Just text us at 732.784.3011 & we'll come get you.

6. Do you operate year round?  
Yes! We sport heated seats and weather proof flaps to keep everyone nice and toasty. 
Note, we may temporarily suspend service if ice and snow are present on the roads.